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About Best Body Massage in Chicago

Whether you’re looking to alleviate your muscles following a troublesome workout or simply want to flee the hustle and bustle of town, Massage in Chicago has many destinations where you'll be able to get a calming massage. From the Magnificent Mile to River West, we’ve compiled the most effective massages in Chicago because let’s face it that we are all in need of a bit of relaxation every now and again.

We created a list of the most effective places to get a massage in a metropolis. From hotel spas that host an intensive list of services to luxury gyms that supply reflexology and aromatherapy, these massages in Chicago are certain to soothe sore muscles and relax your mind.

Here are some of the more popular massage options in Chicago. 

Hot Stone: By using heat treatment one will be able to relieve stress and promote a relaxing environment. The heat generated while doing the Hot Stone therapy also helps to soothe the muscles which may be tense due to stress. 

Deep Tissue: One of the more popular options, the therapists will focus on all the major muscle groups including problematic areas. The deeper pressure applied to the body is great for relieving tension and soreness caused by heavy-duty work. 

Prenatal: Pregnancy always takes its toll on the body. The therapists can alleviate the discomfort you experience in the second and third trimesters.

Candle Massage: An American technique that won over the beauty clinics and that became a success. This massage has the concept of stimulating the senses and uses a special wax prepared with essential and scented oils to provide relaxation.

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