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About Best Body Massage in Phoenix

Massage in Phoenix involves gentle stroking, kneading, and also the application of sunshine pressure on specific points. Studies by the Touch Research Institute show that massage facilitates communication and relaxation, and is, therefore, effective therapy within the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients.

The manipulation of specific points on the body has also been shown to market the natural lubrication of joints, greatly assisting within the pain management of patients plagued by the stiffness of arthritis.

Here are a number of the more popular massage options in Phoenix:

Prickly Pear Sacred Body Massage in Phoenix – The Session is begun with a therapeutic steam capsule and an application of prickly pear mineral which is sacred to detoxify the body and helps in toning the skin. The treatment continues with a rejuvenating full body massage with prickly pear & aloe oil and concludes with a cup of prickly pear tea.

Turquoise Sage Stone Massage in Phoenix - Release the strain of standard of living with this full body massage. Lavender, sage essential oils, and heated stones are placed along the spine, soothing the skin and muscles into deep relaxation. Just once you thought you may not be more relaxed, a 75-minute massage completes this luxury experience.

Vita D Brightening Facial Massage in Phoenix - This restorative facial is meant to assist you to glow like sunshine by promoting new vegetative cell production. The result is moisturized and smooth skin and protection against environmental damage and dullness.

Joya’s Signature Massage in Phoenix - The warming oil blend used at Joya’s is infused with essences including Arizona's cactus flower, a rarity that blooms only 1 night every year. A deep-tissue massage incorporates circular movements from traditional Thai stretching to stimulate blood flow and ease tension.

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